“Inspired, moving and transfixing.  The musical creations by Kent Rautenstraus are a rare thing of beauty.  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Kent’s music for many years, and I’m always amazed at the incredible talent that flows through his fingers and electrify a piano.  Kent’s gift is one that few people possess and I count myself truly blessed to have the opportunity to witness his talent.  My ears love me for it and so will yours!”

Gregg Moss
9NEWS Denver Anchor/Reporter



"Kent is not only a sensitive, versatile keyboard player (he can play a tender ballad and then turn around and play a funk tune with the best of them), he is an excellent accompanist, a rare skill. I've seen him back up every style of singer and instrumentalist with ease and aplomb. Besides his musical talent, he's one heck of a great guy and a pleasure to work with. As a person who hires and works with musicians every day, I can say that the combination of his musical talent with his professional standards are a rare, wonderful and valuable asset to any project. I highly recommend Kent!" 

Lannie Garrett
Denver Singer/Entertainer/Owner of Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret



"Listening to the music of Kent Rautenstraus is such a treat, especially the beautiful music that he performs on our 100 year old Steinway grand piano. Kent has been entertaining at club events since 1996 and is definitely a member favorite. He is very professional and a great person to work with. I would highly recommend him."

Mark Byron
Club Manager, Bear Creek Golf Club



“Kent played at all three of our children's weddings and his music enchanted our friends and family throughout the evening. His versatility is amazing as well as his ability to choose musical selections that are just right for the occasion. He is such a talented musician and a kind and loving person---a rare combination. We felt blessed that he agreed to play three times for our family and have happy memories of our special nights.”

Judy and Ned Foley
Foley Publications, Inc.

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