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Lens of Love
Kathleen Rautenstraus

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A supportive thought CD to old unconscious ways of believing, perceiving and seeing. It's vision is to support the listener into new conditioned beliefs around our beloved and divine nature. Loving, supportive music relaxes in the background.

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“About ten years ago, I bought two of your CDs, Reverie and Luminaire.  For the past seven years, I have played Luminaire almost exclusively during my massage sessions.  I have one client who asked me to not even consider playing anything else during her sessions.  She has been seeing me every other week for nearly five years!  Even after hearing your music during almost every massage I give, I have never tired of it.  It soothes me as well as my clients.  I truly appreciate the gift you share!”

 Mary Malone
Certified Massage Therapist

"I did the Sermon in Song this morning at the new Center for Spiritual Living church in Nashville. And whose gorgeous CD was playing when I walked in? I mean…I immediately noticed it, felt it, LOVED it, and when I sought out the cover, there was your sweet face!!!! I just wanted to tell you, I am a big fan. I can’t believe I had never heard you do what you do. Jeez. Happy that I have now.”

Karen Taylor Good
Grammy-Nominee/Author/Keynote Speaker

"I was working on the computer and listening to Kenny G. when my 40-year-old son came home from work. Ordinarily I turn my music off as he doesn’t like it, but Kenny G. is okay to leave on. When it segued into your Luminaire, I went to turn it off and he said, ‘Leave it on – this is good.’ You could have blown me away with a feather!!!”

Lisha St. Claire



CD Covers

Kent Rautenstraus


Kent’s #1 best selling CD, Luminaire, features two 30-minute original spacious compositions, and is often used for body work, meditation and guided visualizations.  The instrumentation includes piano, and the synthesized sounds of pan flute, harpsichord, guitar, vibes, and clarinet.  As with Reverie, Kent wrote and performed the music on this CD.


Reverie is comprised of two 30-minute original compositions and a 5-minute bonus track.  This is a favorite CD for authors, as it provides a calming, heart-centered musical background to their work.  The instrumentation is anchored around the warm sound of a grand piano, mixed with the keyboard sounds of cello, flute, strings, and Rhodes piano.  Every composition is played in the key of “E.”  


This 68-minute holiday CD features 18-tracks (30 songs) recorded on a 1912 9’ Steinway, and spans a range of holiday music, from “Christmas Time is Here,” from A Charlie Brown Christmas, to “Let There Be Peace On Earth” featuring the sweet vocals of Kent’s daughter Melody.  The independent music distributor, CD Baby, selected this CD in 2005 as one of the Best of the Year from over 100,000 titles.


This evocative CD features over an hour of music designed for healing, peace, and contemplation, all with appropriate inclusive words.  The album bridges styles, music, people, and denominations, and is a perfect union of artistry between Kent and Cynthia James, a phenomenal singer.  The most poignant song, “One God,” features the prayers of 10 different faiths, spoken or chanted in six languages, for peace, unity, and oneness.